Keys to the Cucina 2014 Superlatives

Phew where did December go? Heck where did 2014 go? It feels like just yesterday that this happened and I was writing out my 2013 superlatives! This year brought with it many happy times and some challenges as well. But, through all of the growing pains, the one thing that remained constant is getting to create in my kitchen and share those creations with all of you.

In 2014 I experienced some great pops of traffic on my blog, which translates to more motivation for me to keep on trucking and publishing new content. I’d say my biggest hit of the year was being featured on BuzzFeed not one, but two times! It’s these little victories that mean so much and can help to sustain momentum and push me through even the toughest patches of writers block!

I also got to work with some new national brands like Williams-SonomaBlue Apron and Hatchery. These companies all have missions to make cooking approachable, exciting, and easy, and those are three characteristics that I strive to hit on with everything recipe I share on this blog. Check out the below recipes that made it into 2014’s superlatives, and I hope you have an amazing New Years Eve! Cheers and as always, thank you for supporting Keys to the Cucina!

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2014 Superlatives

Most Popular Key Words – Old Bay Wings

The search term, “old bay wings” brought the most hits to my blog from Google. Turns out it’s not only my house hold who is obsessed with old bay seasoning!

Most Viral – Chicken Gyros with French Fries, Tsatziki Sauce & Feta Cheese

I remember the day this post went live on BuzzFeed like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday morning this past July and I was at my parents house, watching the traffic spike and spike. This feature has been the gift that keeps on giving and on top of that has added to my “street cred” on the mean streets of blogging so I am forever grateful to have been featured. Have you tried making this recipe?

Most Surprising Performer – Broccoli Salad

This one is surprising because when I published it, I had no idea how popular it would become. In retrospect, I should have assumed because anything with bacon in it kills it on Pinterest and internet searches. To this day I am surprised to see how many Pinterest boards this bad boy lives on and for that I have my friend Candace’s mom to thank since she introduced this recipe to my family years ago.

Hottest on Pinterest – Mashed Cauliflower with Greek Yogurt

I have Chobani to thank for the success of this recipe. This one has lived on one of their Pinterest boards for over a year and it continues to be a huge piece of referral traffic for me. I also think that the recipe title is super Pinterest friendly as well so that always helps in connecting readers to your recipes.

So that’s it for me! Goodbye to an amazing 2014 and onto 2015 a.k.a. the year of my WEDDING! I am so excited to kick things off tonight and celebrate my Mom’s birthday during my family’s mountain weekend getaway. Stay safe tonight and drink tons of Prosecco for me!

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