7 Tasty Super Bowl 50 Appetizers

Less than ONE week before the big game, do you know what you’re making? Check out some of my favorite appetizers below, may I suggest starting with the honey hot sauce wings and washing them down with one of these and some deviled eggs? Tis the Super Bowl Sunday for indulging!

Honey, Hot Sauce, Cilantro and Garlic Wings honey-hot-sauce-cilantro-garlic-wings-keys-to-the-cucina-1-682x1024 (1) Baked Crab Dip with Greek Yogurt and Mascarpone Cheese peapod-crab-dip-with-crostini-www.keystothecucina3-683x1024 (1) Baked Sweet Potato Chips baked-sweet-potato-chips-cayenne-keys-to-the-cucina-4-682x1024 Crackers with Roasted Beets, Cheese and Honey beets-cheese-crackers4 Creamy Deviled Eggs with Chobani Greek Yogurt deviled-eggs4 Pepperoni Bread pepperoni-bread5 Five Ingredient Spicy Mango Salsa final2-1024x669

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