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Last week Bryan and I hopped on a plane to Tampa, Florida and drove down to Siesta Key, a little island about an hour southwest of the airport on the Gulf of Mexico. We are major beach goers in the summertime to our local beaches in NC, NJ and MD, however nothing beats escaping the brutal winter cold like a warm trip in January. We also went to get some R&R before I started my new job, more on that news here.

The island is super walkable and most bars in Siesta Village have live music at night so I felt right at home. I joked with Bryan that most of the bands were classic rock cover bands and how all the old people were loving it and I was secretly cheering in my head for it all because that is my favorite genre of music, especially when sipping on a margarita!

We were beach bums the entire three days we were there so must of these images are of the beach and food but I’m pretty sure those are my two favorite things in the world so it’s all good right?


Cevichela – This was my favorite spot, so good in fact that we ate there twice! Their concept is Peruvian meets Hawaii so they had make your own poke bowls and ceviches and some of the best tacos we’ve ever had.

Pi 3.14 – Their baked wings could fool even the most passionate wing lover that they were fried and their calamari was on point.

The Lobster Pot – The lobster roll was pretty good for being in the south however Bryan’s blackened grouper sandwich was out of this world. Grouper is a popular fish down there so my advice to you is to always ask your waiters what types of fish and produce are local to that area, you can’t beat the freshness.

Sun Garden Cafe – Great little breakfast and lunch spot with quick service and lots of vegetarian options too.

Happy Hour Oysters at Siesta Key Oyster Bar – A dozen oysters for $7, can’t beat it!


Siesta Key Oyster Bar – I would suggest grabbing a couple drinks and snacks here versus having an entire full dinner. Live music plays from the early afternoon into the night so it’s a great spot to kick back and relax in.

Blase Martini Lounge – We casually strolled up to this place as we heard music pouring out into the the street and the martinis and drinks did not disappoint. It also turned out that the singer was from NJ and grew up with my cousin so we had a damn good time here on Thursday night.

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