What do you go to sleep and dream about?

I just watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and it was a very moving and thought provoking documentary. It came highly recommended from Chef Brian and now I know why.  Jiro is an 85 year old Japanese chef who is regarded as the best sushi chef in the world and he has dedicated the past 75+ years of his life to mastering the skill of sushi making. His restaurant, which is located in a humble Tokyo subway station, has received three-stars from the Michelin Guide and hungry sushi lovers from all over the world flock to grab one of the 10 seats available at his restaurant.

From the temperature of the sushi rice, to the thickness of the fish and to the size of the sushi (smaller pieces for women and larger for men so that the guests meals stay on pace) no detail is overlooked. They even upped their massage time for the octopus from 30 minutes to 50 minutes to achieve prime texture and mouth feel.

While Jiro is not fusing cuisines or performing backflips behind the counter, the technique and discipline he employs is what sets him apart. He believes that simplicity is purity and with a focus on the freshest ingredients, an incredible experience can be achieved. As my college English professor once said, “The little things are the big things,” and it has never rang more true.

My whole life I’ve had my hands in many things. Early on it was sports, singing and school. Later in high school I dropped the sports and focused on music and school and that would extend all the way through college. These days I play music sporadically and most of my time is dedicated to my blog and my 9-6 job. There is something really beautiful about dedicating your life to one craft and one craft only and while I don’t think that is the right fit for my current situation, it surely left me with something to stew on.

Have you watched this documentary?

Is there one thing in your life you wish you could dedicate your entire being to?

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Honing my craft with the help of Ina Garten

keys to the cucina culinary school 2

Stretching my amateur baking skills

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