Grilled Eggplant with Oregano and Lemon Feta Dressing

I developed this Grilled Eggplant with Oregano and Lemon Feta Dressing recipe as part of an ongoing Brand Ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine.

This summer our travel schedules have been all over the place. From kicking off Memorial Day with our wedding to little weekend trips sprinkled in here and there, we have found it difficult to get on a weekly grocery routine. That said, I am so excited to let you know that I have partnered up with Peapod, the nation’s largest online grocery delivery service, to develop recipes and share a little bit about the services they offer as well (spoiler alert: they are a game-changer).

Growing up with a mother who loved actually going to the grocery store, we never tried out any type of grocery delivery service. However, with being out of town the last four weekends straight, Peapod delivery service is pretty much a God send. Not only do they have a vast selection of organic items, but it’s “Guess My Order” feature will learn your frequently purchased items and make one click re-ordering as easy as pie!

For my first purchase, I ordered some gorgeous organic eggplants. Once they landed on my doorstep I put together a grilled Mediterranean side dish that is sure to jazz up any barbecue you attend this summer.  No more boring potato salad or cole slaw, chew on this: eggplant with dark charred flesh, fresh and bright lemon feta dressing, topped with chopped tomatoes and more feta. Sound good? Great! Just head on over to From the Pod to learn how to make this unique summer time grilling side dish! - grilled eggplant and lemon feta dressing 2 - grilled eggplant and lemon feta dressing 1 - grilled eggplant and lemon feta dressing 3


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