When Inspiration Hits…

When I was younger and writing a lot of songs, lyrics and melodies popped into my head at the worst times when I didn’t have a pen and paper nearby. Considering I was a late adopter of the iPhone, it wasn’t very easy to jot down a lyric in my flip phone so I had little slips of paper floating around in my purse, my wallet and on my desk all. the. time. While the end product is different than writing a song, I rely on those same spurts of creativity and inspiration to help me create recipes and content for you all!1929688_528140954287_3243_nObviously some Food Network or reading Bon Appetit magazine can get the ideas flowing, but sometimes it will be a smell that triggers a food memory or a curiosity about an ingredient that will lead me to experiment in my cucina. I recently shadowed a cooking class (did you see it on my snapchat? @keystothecucina wink wink) and in 90 minutes learned how to cook the best rice pilaf and I learned about the power combo of bacon and lentils. It’s pure genius in case you didn’t know!

To share with you a little about where my inspiration comes from, first you have to know that most of the day my thoughts are filled with food – what I’m currently eating, what I plan to eat or what I want to eat. I’ll decide to work with a tried and true recipe but then experiment with a new ingredient like adding pork to this chili, or lighten up a family classic by substituting a healthier meat a la these turkey meatballs. The entire process goes something like this:

  1. Make a note in my iPhone with a recipe idea.
  2. Gather all of the ingredients, jot them down in my note book then move through the steps of the recipe, taking notes as I go.
  3. As I’m cooking I’ll dream up what I want the tablescape to look like, what linens I want to use, serving ware, etc. and then it’s picture time.
  4. I take about 60 pictures of each recipe just to make sure I have plenty of images to choose from, then it is off to the computer I go to edit photos, compose a post and complete the recipe instructions.



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