Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork Chili

I developed this Pulled Pork Chili recipe as part of an ongoing Brand Ambassadorship with Peapod. All opinions are 100% mine.

Chili oh chili oh chili. I love it because it’s warm, spicy and hearty and one bowl of you is all I need to combat the cooler temperatures of fall and keep me full. While I love all styles with chicken and beef, I grew a little tired of those proteins and changed it up with this pulled pork! Pulled pork is a fabulous slow cooker meat as it gets super soft and tender and can be used on anything from pizza and nachos to sandwiches, rice bowls and this chili! It is basically a one pot wonder and will get you half a dozen recipes to use for many football Sundays to come!

I recently got these recipe ingredients delivered from Peapod right after I returned from California, and I don’t think I’ve experienced convenience like that in a lonnnng time. It arrived about an hour before I left for work so I had enough time to organize the groceries and get the pork cooking! For this recipe and more slow cooker ideas be sure to check out From the Podpulled pork slow cooker chili 4pulled pork slow cooker chili 1pulled pork slow cooker chili 5pulled pork slow cooker chili 3

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