Spontaneous Dinner Party + Homemade Cannolis

This past weekend was full of cooking and basketball, then more cooking and basketball. On Sunday I had a photo shoot for a project that will be released in a few months, and boy I put some serious hours in the cucina for it. I found myself with a fridge full of leftovers, and since we all know that I get over leftovers pretty quickly, I decided to invite my sister Brooke and her husband Drew for some good company on Monday night.

Brooke is the queen of desserts, from cupcakes to cookies, to her latest indulgence, cannolis! She showed up at my door Monday night with freshly fried cannoli shells and a bowl full of creamy ricotta filling. After we had our fill of dinner and wine, we ended on a sweet note with these bad boys. To top the night off, we watched an episode of Summer Heights High, one that I’ve seen multiple times but never fails to make me laugh. I know this show is old but you should definitely give it a try, in no time you will be using the word “quiche” when you’re describing something cool.



In the middle of all the basketball watching this weekend at Brooke’s house, we filled in the time with doing something we love: singing Beyonce together at the top of our lungs. Sometimes when we sing, our voices sound like one and it’s pretty damn cool. We sort of lose it in the chorus of “Halo” because Bey goes so so high, but it’s still one of our go-to duet songs.


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