Lamb and Veal – Culinary Class Night 12

I’d love to title this post, “The night I fell in love with a ground lamb patty” or “The night I realized I reaallllly don’t enjoy veal” but I don’t think that the SEO God’s would like that very much so let’s just dive right on in! These two proteins have never made an appearance in my cucina but I think that ground lamb might be a once a month purchase at the grocery store moving forward.

The merguez, or lamb sausage, was truly life changing. Chef likes to eat his lamb more on the medium rare side, and these little patties cook up quickly on a grill pan or grill and form a nice caramelization on the outside. Think strong spices like cumin, garlic and nutmeg combined with spicy harissa mayo and you’ve got a winning combination. I made a version of these and put them on slider buns with a sour cream sauce and cucumber, recipe coming soon to the blog!

Another ground lamb treat was the moussaka, which is a lasagna-esque dish of roasted eggplant stuffed with layers of tomato sauce, mornay sauce, ground lamb and topped with cheese. Mornay is a béchamel sauce with the addition of gobs of gruyere cheese. I would eat it off of my toe if you paid me $1. True story.

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keys to the cucina lacademie de cuisine lamb patties

Merguez (Ground Lamb Patty) with Harissa Mayo

keys to the cucina lacademie de cuisine roasted leg of lamb

Roasted Leg of Lamb

keys to the cucina lacademie de cuisine moussaka

Moussaka with Ground Lamb

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