Duck Duck Goose – Culinary Class Night 8

Chicken! Duck! Brined, wined, flash fried, served with a salad or eaten on it’s own, I have a whole new appreciation for all of the birds I eat. Chef Brian innocently called this class “Chicken” night but flash forward to our practical and there I was deboning an entire duck. I’ve never worked with duck but it is quite the unctuous and beautiful tasting bird, and thankfully it is just like deboning a chicken so all was cool in the hood.

I’ve eaten duck less than five times in my life and let’s just say every salad moving forward I would flash fried duck confit on top. Confit of duck implies that the duck is salted and then cooked in it’s own fat at a low temperature, usually no more than 200 degrees.  Back in the day this confit method was used to preserve meat since bacteria doesn’t grow where there is fat and salt. #themoreyouknow

Chef demoed roast chicken as well, one that was brined and one that was not. Surprisingly I loved the not brined bird, I thought the flavor was stronger and the meat was juicier! Oh and one more nugget of advice, Chef advises against putting a lemon in the chicken cavity. Why? Because acid tends to make meat tough so he recommends a handful or two of your basic mirepoix of onions, celery and carrots in the cavity for optimal flavor.

IMG_1098_rotated-2 PNG

Duck Salad with Frise, Blueberries and Red Wine Vinaigrette

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Pan Seared Duck a L'Orange

Pan Seared Duck with Sauce Gastrique with Orange

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