Updates on Keys to the Cucina!

I am so excited to show a cool new feature today that will (hopefully!) make navigating through my recipes a whole lot easier. The funny thing is, is that making a catogory drop down like the one below wasn’t hard, it just was not high on the priority list. Between my day job, trips, and wedding planning it can be challenging to find time to do small little updates like these, but I think this will be a welcome addition to the site!

Also, two things to ask of you. One, if you’d like to receive email notifications when I post a new recipe, sign up for my email list below. I promise I do not send spam and you will only be notified when new content goes up. Please and thank you 🙂 keys to the cucina new features_v2Lastly, if Facebook is your thing, please like my page here and  opt-in to receiving notifications when I make a post. Since Facebook changed up their algorithm, it changes what post they show you and my status updates can get lost in translation. So, if you head to my page, and on the drop down highlighted below select “get notifications” then you will not miss a beat. facebook keys to the cucina opt in

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