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  • Sweet Daddy Buffalo

    Great chicken dish Alexe! DELICIOUS….

  • Laurie Lynch

    Hi Alexe….this is Dan Lynch’s Mom. My name is Laurie. I hope you don’t mind but I had to check out your site when Dan posted it. Very nice and you have a great voice too!!! Hope to meet you and the family soon!!

    • Alexe

      Hi Laurie! Nice to “meet” you and thanks for checking out my blog, I’m so glad you like it. I hope to meet you someday soon, have a great holiday season!

  • Rich G.

    Hello Alexe,
    I found your food blog via “A Pinch of Yum” and wanted to let you know that I really enjoy visiting to see your great recipes and stories. I had an instant connection because I’m an Italian from NJ, visit LBI every summer and enjoy good food. What I like about your food blog is its not just a daily recipe. The stories of your favorite baguette, trip to the beach, along with pictures is what makes readers want to keep coming back. That’s why I became a follower on ‘A Pinch of Yum’, as they were overseas for a year and their stories and experiences were told along with the recipes. Also – ‘Apron and Sneakers’ is another food blog that I visit because she is living in Italy and posts about trips she takes around the country. I’ve already printed a couple of recipes from your site. Your incorporating your love of music is also what sets your site apart from the thousands of food blogs. Please keep up the good work, looking forward to many interesting recipes and stories. Take Care.

    • Alexe

      Hi Rich!

      Your comment really warmed my heart this morning, thank you for supporting Keys to the Cucina! Which recipes have you printed out? Let me know if you have any recipe suggestions too, I love hearing from my readers. I’m so glad you enjoy the music pairings, I figured there was no way to just blog about food since both food and music are my biggest passions. I love NJ and LBI, and I wish there were Italian bakeries/deli’s like you guys have up there, we miss out here in the south. Thanks again and be sure to spread the Keys to the Cucina love, cheers!

      • Rich G.

        I’m going to try the roasted pepper dip and ricotta bites this weekend while watching football. Maybe they’ll make an appearance for Thanksgiving. I plan on trying the pepperoni bread and cannellini beans w/ onions & tomatoes also. Thanks.

        • Alexe

          Very cool- hope you and your guests enjoy them!

  • Nicole Jerrell

    Hi Alexe
    I am Matt Hupmans momma and we met at Matt and Katie’s engagement brunch. I just have to tell you I am really enjoying your blog. You are quite a talented writer with a beautiful singing voice.
    Every recipe email I have received I can’t wait to try! As a matter of fact Katie and Matt had us over for dinner last weekend and one of the appetizers they served was your Beets with cheese, honey and crackers … It was delicious 🙂
    Also with dinner they made your Brussels sprouts with pancetta …….. So good.
    Thanks for all the great recipes!!

    • Alexe

      Hi Nicole! So nice to “meet” you again on my blog and thank you so much for your sweet comments 🙂 We were just with Matt and Katie last night and they told us how they made some of my dishes for your fam over the weekend, and I’m so excited you all enjoyed them! Thank YOU for reading my blog, your support means a lot! Have a great holiday season and I hope to see you soon!

  • Ken

    Good Morning Alexe,
    My name is Ken, so I tried the baked old bay wing recipe last night it was GREAT!!!
    Thanks for the recipe.

    • Alexe @ Keys to the Cucina

      Hi Ken! Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked the old bay wings, those are my fiance’s favorites! Talk soon!

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