Thanksgiving Giveaway

If you know my television habits well, you know that the go to channels I immediately flip to are The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. My boyfriend will even change to those channels during football commercials so that I get  a break, what a guy eh eh?

As a way to say thank you for the last four months of supporting and reading this blog, I am giving away a copy of Giada DeLaurentis’ new cookbook, “Feel Good Food.” She is one of my favorite Food Network personalities, and her authentic Italian cooking reminds me of home and the cooking principles I was raised on. Enter to win below, and winners will be drawn next Thursday, December 5th!


 Happy Thanksgiving All!

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8 Thoughts on “Thanksgiving Giveaway

  1. I didn’t have cable for 5 years and I the only I thing I really truly missed was Food Network. Giada is totally one of my faves too! Great giveaway!!

    • Hi Liz! I would have to agree that if I couldn’t have TV I’d miss Giada and all of my favorite Food Network stars ;) Thanks for stopping by, have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Was a fan of the Food Network, but do not like all the ‘cooking game shows’ that it has on it now. I gravitated to the Cooking Channel, but it too now also does the ‘competiton’ shows. Giada is great. I use to enoy watching Biba Caggiano on PBS prior to the Food Network, and also like Lidia Bastianich. They all cook what I call ‘real food’.

    • Hi Rich- yeah I’m not a fan of the reality Food Network stuff either. I wish they would just get back to cooking shows like they had in the early 2000s. I’ll have to check out Biba and Lidia, their cooking style sounds right up my alley!

      • And I cannot forget about MaryAnn Esposito. She had a great show also. (wow, yes, there were cooking ‘stars’ long before the Food Network!) I miss those shows.

        • Oh cool! I’ve never heard of her either, you’re giving me some good Sunday reading today, Rich! Have a great rest of your weekend and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

  3. I don’t have this one yet ;) Wish me luck!

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